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We need your submissions to keep Tall Tales Travel alive, but mainly just to keep us laughing, so don't be shy. We're not looking for world class writers, just anyone with a story to tell, or industry pros.

Don't worry about spellign or grammar - this isn't homework. As long as you put a smile on our face or a thought in our heads then you've made the cut. There's no marks out of ten here.

Why not send over your photos, or your art, that has been inspired from your experiences abroad. If they're cool and interesting then we might end up running with them as well.

Alternatively, if you want to partner up or get involved with Tall Tales Travel as more than just a contributor then forward your ideas on to

The main thing that we have learnt from our travels is never to turn down an invitation and to always try new things.

Do you wanna find out more about how you can submit or what it is exactly that we're looking for? Check out...

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